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4 Steps for Successful Presentations

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Steps for Success: Build Your Story

  1. Audience + Motivation
    Understand your audience, the stakeholders in your story.
    What is motivating them and what problems they are facing?
  2. Awareness + Challenge
    Acknowledge their pain points and challenges and demonstrate an understanding of these concerns.
  3. Vision + Engage
    Engage them with your vision, your story.
  4. Plan + Action
    Your story is the plan to resolving the challenges.
  5. Transformation + The Future
    This is the desired vision that is presented at the beginning of the journey. Obstacles are overcome and a better future realized.
  6. Delight + Advocacy
    Fulfillment is experienced and expectations exceeded. Advocating and sharing the positive experience with others.

01. Audience + Motivation

Your audience is essential to your project’s success. Understanding their unique interests, agendas and priorities are vital to creating a solution that meets and exceeds their needs now and in the foreseeable future.

02. Awareness + Challenge

Acknowledgment + Empathy

Acknowledging and empathizing with your audience’s pain points and challenges are vital to gaining their support and buy-in. In these rapidly changing times, where technology is a driving force in all industries, it is imperative to engage with your audience, on the issues that matter most to them in their daily and future lives.

03. Vision + Engage

Acknowledgment + Empathy

Engage your stakeholders with your vision, your story.

Building Your Story: The Steps

STEP 01: Discovery
Each project begins with a discovery session to uncover the goals and aspirations of the project. This process brings clarity and understanding and ensures that there is a shared vision amongst all parties involved. In addition, it will uncover the advantageous approaches, including production elements such as print, renderings, video, etc., and avoid unnecessary elements while focusing on the most important.

STEP 02: Strategy + Collaboration
Picking up from the discovery session, the strategy moving forward will be efficient and clear. Collaboration will play a vital role throughout the process and formulate an effective system for communication and feedback.

STEP 03: Design + Execute
Once the foundation has been built with 01 + 02, we put our designer’s hats on and get to work. Throughout this step, there will be several points for discussion, feedback, and approvals. We keep the communication channels open and efficient and welcome input throughout the project. Our follow-through is consistent and thorough. We aim to execute with the same momentum we established in the previous steps.

STEP 04: Elements + Touchpoints
The conclusion of the previous 3 steps brings us to the elements and touchpoints. These are the tangible parts – renderings, branding and identity creation, website, video, etc. – of the project that will bring the vision to life.

STEP 05: Assets + Delivery
Final details are completed, and asset delivery coordinated. This includes any printing, video uploads, and file conversions.

04. Plan + Action

Design a plan to build your story, the plan to resolve your stakeholder’s challenges.

05. Transformation + Future

The desired vision that is presented at the beginning of the journey is brought into fruition. Obstacles are overcome and a better future is realized.

06. Delight + Advocacy

Fulfillment is experienced and expectations are exceeded. Advocating and sharing the positive experience with others.

Stories Matter

Visual Storytelling and Why it Matters

Visual Storytelling is an effective method of communicating the complex narratives in a visually engaging manner. Visual Storytelling places your audience at the heart of the story, staged with emotional experiences that begins with empathy, their challenges, and leads them to your solution. Finally, Visual Storytelling showcases the improvement your project will bring to their lives, ensuring enthusiastic support.

3D renderings/animations/virtual reality, motion graphics, voice-overs, graphic/interactive design, video and photography can communicate your vision in a clear and concise manner that your audience will understand and immerse themselves within.
A high-quality visual solution forms an emotional connection between your audience and your vision. This connection will enable your project to stand out from the competition and win support from all parties.

3D Renderings

Renderings, animations, and virtual reality offer unlimited possibilities to create an accurate and visually compelling presentation for real estate development, architecture, and engineering – the possibilities are endless.

Renderings create a foundation for many projects, allowing a direct connection between the audience and the final built building, interiors, or infrastructure project.

Animations introduce the element of motion and time, further immersing the viewer in the space of a reality yet to be built.

Virtual Reality engages a viewer with a fully interactive world that is possible with today’s cutting-edge technologies, generating an experience that goes beyond what one may have thought possible.

Motion Graphics add an additional layer to animations. This can be highlighting specific qualities of a project, such as calling out rooms or traffic flow. Video brings the element of humanity and emotions, forming a direct connection with an audience.

Graphic Design

Our creative passion encompasses all we do. We aim to provide a solution that transcends any one media and builds a foundation for all marketing efforts. Design is not simply about colors or fonts, it is about the overall vision. We consider each touchpoint and how they affect the whole, ensuring each element complements each other and adds to the overall story.

Visual Identity integrates the logo and mark with all print and digital assets, bridging the gap between elements with a unique visual design, including colors, fonts, and taglines.

Print + Digital Design form the touchpoints that viewers will see and feel. Quality materials, exceptional creativity, and seamless execution will deliver a level of sophistication to complement each project and company, becoming an integral piece to all elements.

Stylescapes bridge the gap between strategy and design. These unique presentations, similar to a mood board but with more detailed stories and design elements, offer a path to the beginning of a project’s creative workflow. They allow a discussion to occur prior to design work beginning, ensuring all parties align with a direction and vision.

Web Design + Development

Web design has evolved to be far more than a simple page with colors and text. Today’s websites must span a multitude of devices to reach an audience effectively. Designs must be responsive and incorporate an intuitive user experience/user interface that allows for functionality to be paramount while representing the brand identity and story accurately.

Website Design today must incorporate a thorough understanding of UX (User Experience) combined with UI (User Interface). These, when done well, create an experience that is both intuitive and memorable.

Development for the backend of a website can often be an overlooked piece of the puzzle. Our websites are custom-built on the WordPress platform, ensuring compatibility and easy updating.

Strategy + Marketing

A clear and thorough strategy is essential for marketing success. In today’s rapidly changing envi-ronment, ensuring each marketing channel relates, and reinforces, the overall messaging is vital. At B44, we begin by analyzing your business and objects, the relevant competition, and formulate a holistic marketing strategy that will generate the results you expect.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of a strategic marketing plan. It goes far beyond a few keywords and requires a comprehensive approach. We begin by carefully evaluating your competition and determine the best approach to generate significant results. This is a process and requires reviewing and adjusting, ensuring that rankings continue to improve.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an opportunity to connect directly with potential clients and customers. This can drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, and incorporate social selling.

Content Marketing will likely overlap with social media marketing. As the name suggests, this is about creating quality content that your audience will find valuable. This will build interest in your brand. Creative content can be incorporated into blog posts, social media, and paid ads.
Digital Advertising incorporates paid ads and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. These ads can be placed in various locations, including social media, search engines and third-party websites.

Reporting + Analytics are essential for overall performance and user experience. This data is used to analyze and monitor everything from SEO to paid ads.

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